Casio G-Shock 'indispensible to many'

First published: 21-03-2013

Casio has hailed the broad appeal of its G-Shock range of watches over the years.

The legendary series of timepieces is currently marking its 30th anniversary and the manufacturer has taken the opportunity to stress just how important the devices have become to wearers.

For instance, it pointed out that G-Shock watches have become an "indispensible element" in areas as diverse as fashion, music, art and sports.

Casio noted that the timepieces were designed with the objective of creating something that would be indestructible.

The company said that while this took some time, it did get there in the end, leading to the rollout of the watches we know and love today.

"After two years of trials and producing more than 200 experimental prototype, the G-Shock DW-500 was finally launched in 1983," Casio commented.

The firm said the watch was designed with an "ethos of 'Never Give Up'", before saying this philosophy has guided its work ever since.

Indeed, Casio stated that throughout the last 30 years, the team behind its G-Shock series has been constantly "taking up new challenges and pushing the limits of toughness".

People who purchase G-Shock watches can therefore be confident that they are getting something that not only looks good, but is also highly durable and able to function in all sorts of conditions.

Aficionados of the series are currently being given the opportunity to make their own small contribution to its history by taking part in a watch designing competition.

As part of Casio G-Shock's 30th anniversary celebrations, fans of the range can indulge their creativity and try to come up with their own innovative and experimental designs.

This comes shortly after Casio America unveiled its new G-Shock Ani-Digi Chronograph models, which features striking features including an analog-digital face, which comes complete with moving gears that represent the inner workings of the elegant device. The watch also includes Twin (High-Brightness) Auto LED for maximum visibility and also gives users the ability to switch between 47 different city time zones.


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