Cartier watches 'the embodiment of elegance'

First published: 10-02-2012

The finest designs of watches are often held in high regard by people from all areas of the industry and among collectors, but it is frequently more than just their great design which appeals to people.

One of the finest manufacturers around is Cartier, which in many ways can embody all of these different factors, according to Francis J, editor of

The horologist considered the watches as a gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day and explained they could be a fantastic option for the simple reason they have never created a timepiece which could be considered to be ugly.

Francis explained the brand has the element of being able to create incredible timepieces with the touch of French style that can only come from the producer being based in the country.

He highlighted how each timepiece that comes of its workshop some French chic to it and because of this the company has produced some of the most iconic dress watches ever put on sale.

But he pointed out that the skill of watchmaking extends much further than just making something that looks nice.

"The watches' inner parts are now also designed and made elegant according to the same philosophy. Cartier watches are the embodiment of subtle watchmaking elegance," Francis added.

However, if it is something more hardwearing that you are looking for he suggested that Omega watches offer a fantastic choice as they have been crafted to be worn everywhere from outer space to the depths of the ocean.

Many watch companies have been offering new and limited edition timepieces just for Valentine's Day, with Chopard recently releasing a love-themed timepiece that has been modelled on its popular Happy Sport collection.

Designed for ladies, the watch has a bright pink satin strap and three gem-encrusted hearts which move freely around the face of the design. 


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