Cartier watches hosts dedicated exhibition

First published: 20-09-2011

An exhibition dedicated to the development of Cartier watches is set to open in Zurich, showcasing some of the jeweller's greatest designs.

The Cartier Time Art show will be held at Musee Bellerive in the Swiss city and will document the earliest development of the brand's products through to its most extravagant designs and recent models.

Around 180 creations will be included, with 12 different Cartier movements demonstrated between 156 timepieces, including 17 luxury designs.

Highlights include the Santos wristwatch from 1911 and a rare pocket watch created with multiple complications, dating from 1927.

A travelling exhibition, the show is only staying in Zurich until November 6th 2011, when it will continue on to Singapore, the US and China.

Pocket watches could be among the most popular items featured in the show, as City AM recently noted how the products have been seeing a resurgence recently as they came back into fashion.  


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