Cars and watches 'both appeal to men'

First published: 25-11-2011

Men who are thinking of buying a new watch could take inspiration from their favourite car manufacturer when deciding which timepiece to select.

There is not one top car manufacturer in the world that does not have an affiliation with a watch company, according to Aaron Sigmond, senior contributing editor for Autoweek.

The motoring expert told the New York Times that this affiliation comes from the linking of the two forms of technology.

Mr Sigmond explained: "The bottom line: Men like all things mechanical. It's a logical relationship."

He told the newspaper that the affiliation has grown in strength over time, with Hublot now in his opinion offering the best selection, producing watches to tie in to honour some of the top Formula One races and raise funds for associated charities.

Watches expert and editor of QP magazine James Gurney recently suggested that timepieces were a more discreet way for people to showcase their success than with an expensive sports car.  


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