Carl F Bucherer displays the Patravi EvoTec Calendar

First published: 28-03-2011

Consumers who like to keep an eye on the date via their wristwatches may want to check out a new product from Carl F Bucherer.

Entitled the Patravi EvoTec Calendar, the timepiece comes with a module that displays 53 weeks of the year – the extra week being for technical reasons.

Hodinkee reported that these are then tracked on the dial by an inner chapter ring, which is functioned using a hand styled like that seen to indicate seconds on traditional timepieces.

To compensate for the loss of seconds on the main dial, Carl F Bucherer has chosen to display this via a spinning disk at the six o'clock location.

Furthermore, a big date window sneaks in at the 11 o'clock position and a day indicator appears at nine o'clock, to give wearers even more information.

The news source noted: "Overall the EvoTec Calendar has a sporty look and feel on the wrist. The unusual dial layout is refreshing and creative, proving easy to read with a quick adjustment of expectations."

People interested in this timepiece can view it at Baselworld, a trade exhibition which is running until Thursday (March 31st).


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