Cara Delevingne versus Kate Middleton: How to get their style this winter

First published: 13-11-2015

Cara Delevingne and Kate Middleton are two of the leading lights of women's fashion in today's world, but stylistically, they sit at opposite ends of the fashion spectrum.

The street-style Cara represents everything that's edgy and innovative, whilst classy Kate has a more sophisticated, understated look.

Both are fashion idols in their own right, but how can you successfully imitate their styles this winter?

Capturing Cara

Cara Delevingne

Image source: cmrnrb

Famous for her magnificent brows, as well as being the goddaughter of the great Joan Collins, Cara boasts a style that's at the cutting edge of urban fashion.

If you're wanting to replicate Cara's iconic style then opting for a top with a high neckline and some sleek, slim-fit trousers achieves a smart but edgy look.

You can really get creative customising this outfit, with some heeled ankle boots and accessorising with a selection of bracelets, bangles and rings, as a necklace may be lost on a dress with a high neckline.

When it comes to selecting a watch to match this outfit, consider that the colour you opt for will have to work well with both the colour of your sleeves and your skin tone.

Image 2

Metallic shades such as gold or rose-gold work especially well with skin tones. This Michael Kors watch is a perfect example of just that. You may also want to try a white timepiece instead, if you're looking for something to stand out a little more.

Staying Cara-cool while keeping warm

For formal occasions, Cara still adds a 'punk' touch to her style and lets her personality shine through, often opting for mini dresses or ones that are semi-transparent in places.

Image 3

If you're looking to achieve the same effect, you might consider adding a large ring to your outfit, such as this Thomas Sabo sterling silver piece. Be sure not to wear a lot of other jewellery on your hands and wrists - such as bangles and bracelets - at the same time though, as a ring like this should be the focal point of your outfit.

Even if you're not a huge fan of formal attire, by adopting some of Cara's style practices, you can instil a little of your personality into your eveningwear.

Crafting a Kate-inspired look

Image 4

Image source: Sebástian Freire

While Cara may be flirting with cutting edge fashion, Kate has honed her classically-elegant style, filled with beautiful knee-length dresses and minimalist outfits.

Kate's style is sophisticated and conservative whilst bringing a modern twist to many of her outfits, such as a knee-length dresses and three-quarter-length sleeves. Always elegant, Kate brings a sense of fun to her style wearing seasonal colours and bold patterns, showing that she's always got an eye on the latest trends.

Styling the outfit up depends on the colours you're wearing. As a general rule, white and black can team up with many different colours, whereas brighter shades will take a little more thought when you're assembling your outfit.

Along with bolder colours and patterns, Kate also wears more understated shades including monochrome outfits such white, charcoal grey and black. She is known for her smart but sophisticated accessories, such as her signature nude heels, her hats or fitted jackets. Similarly, her jewellery is subtle and smart, completing her outfits with a clean and simple silver bracelet.

Image 5

A classic outfit or a three-quarter-length sleeve can be perfectly complemented by a slim watch, if you're looking to build on Kate's already elegant style. This beautiful silver ladies' watch by Vivienne Westwood is truly is a great option, being both luxurious and understated at once.

Keeping Kate's style when the weather gets cold

To replicate Kate's winter style, why not opt for a medium-length, figure-hugging coat while accessorising the outfit with a pair of heeled boots? If you decide to wear a brightly coloured coat, then team it up with some simple black boots to keep the outfit balanced.

As necklaces, watches and bracelets will only be seen when you take the coat off, accessorising with rings and earrings can be the key to showing off a little flair at all times.

Image 6

The Duchess of Cambridge often likes to style her accessories to match her beautiful engagement ring; these Swarovski crystal earrings will allow you to accomplish the very same look!

Emulating Cara and Kate's iconic styles can become a piece of cake this winter - simply follow our top tips! Consider each part of your outfit as much as the whole, and remember, keep it street for Cara, and classy for Kate.


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