Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls rock the party look

First published: 08-05-2014

As two of the biggest names in modelling at the moment, it will come as no surprise to many that both Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls were looking absolutely fabulous at a recent party they attended.

After the Met Gala Ball on Monday (May 5th), the two beauties were snapped by the Daily Mail on their way to the Boom Boom Room in New York's The Standard Hotel.

Cara opted for a rockstar look, with a cropped top that showed off her toned stomach and a black leather jacket on top. Finished off with jeans and black peep-toe heels, the English model showed photographers that no matter what the occasion, she always produced the goods. 

Meanwhile, her companion Joan chose a furry pink cropped top and low-cut jeans, but the main show-stealer was her vivid purple lipstick. 

To make sure her hair wouldn't get in the way, she plaited it to the side and had a sweeping side-fringe. 

Accompanied by high-heeled silver sandals, the only thing Joan was potentially missing from her stunning outfit was a Michael Kors Ladies' Parker Chronograph Watch for that added bit of sparkle.

Earlier that evening, both Cara and Joan had stunned the press at Vogue's annual Met Gala, by wearing clothes that complimented their enviable figures.

Cara, the current star of Burberry's latest campaign, again showed off her impressive torso with a tight-fitting black crop top, which contrasted well with her tailored white trousers. 

Her Puerto Rican partner-in-crime Joan pulled off a purple dress that gave the press a sneaky peek at her leg. She also went for the striking lipstick to make her really stand out on the red carpet. 

The Met Gala, which is organised by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, attracted a plethora of A-list celebs, such as the Beckhams, Kim Kardashian and Stella McCartney. 


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