Capture Towie glamour with a new wristwatch

First published: 26-07-2012

The guys and girls of The Only Way is Essex (Towie) may not be everyone's cup of tea, but even the show's fiercest critics would be hard-pressed to deny the cultural impact it has made.

The quirky expressions of some of the show's biggest stars, like Amy Childs, have caught on throughout the country - as has their eye-catching sense of style.

And no-one is this statement more applicable to than the inimitable Joey Essex, boyfriend of Towie co-star Sam Faiers and all-round style icon.

Joey is the ultimate metrosexual, with his bronze skin, pearly white teeth and gelled hair.

Much like his girlfriend, Joey is never seen in public without looking his best. Recently, for instance, Joey and Sam were snapped on a night out both looking very well preened.

Joey, as is his way, certainly managed to capture the attention of onlookers, due to his ultra-short shorts that left very little to the imagination.

He teamed the risqué shorts with a white T-shirt and an unbuttoned shirt, while he wore a pair of plain tennis trainers on his feet.

Sam, meanwhile, looked slightly more low key. In comparison to her partner, she looked positively demure, in fact, wearing a black, yellow and white skirt with a white vest.

Naturally, they both added a few extra bits and pieces to complement their respective outfits. Joey wore a rather stylish and, by his standards, surprisingly understated watch on his left wrist.

Sam, on the other hand, opted for an eye-catching necklace, made of white beads and with some well-sculpted details on the broaches attached to them.

But if you don’t fancy going the whole hog when it comes to following the Towie mob, then rest assured that there are plenty of stylish alternative designs available at Watchshop.

One of these designs - the Mid-size Guess Prism Watch - is suitable for both men and women, and would help you to create a touch a glamour on a night out.


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