Calvin Klein watches are 'timeless'

First published: 30-07-2010

Calvin Klein watches help fashionistas to keep their look simple, it has been claimed.

The timepieces offer "timeless appeal" and can be worn year after year without looking dated, according to a post on the Shade Station blog.

Calvin Klein watches are described as "one of the most sleek, streamlined and versatile in the industry".

The post also notes that many of the fashion brand's watch designs are consistent with other accessories and clothing from the label, in that they are experimental, both in terms of shape and overall style.

Those for whom Calvin Klein watches are not adventurous enough, however, need not look very far to find timepieces that are.

Tokyo Flash offers futuristic and complex watches and regularly brings out concept designs enabling watch fans to vote on their favourite designs.

However, many would undoubtedly claim that Calvin Klein manages to achieve a happy combination of elegance and adventure enough to make its timepieces a timeless offering to the market.


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