Businessman 'learned to appreciate watches'

First published: 24-11-2011

Learning about why some watches are so special and which timepieces offer the most impressive features are points which Angus Davies has picked up over many years.

The businessman and founder of watch and luxury products website Escapement explained to Professional Jeweller that he purchased his first Rolex watch in the late 1990s, several years after he has first seen the timepieces in the window of a jewellers shop.

However, he soon realised that just because Rolex was one of the most famous brands it did not necessarily mean it created the best timepieces and started to learn more about the best watches.

Along with the development of this knowledge, his collection also soon increased in size, which meant he would often hide them when he brought them home.

"I would return from a shopping spree and bring my purchases into the house when my wife wasn't there, or sometimes furtively hide them under my coat as I sneaked into the house," Mr Davies said.

Another fan of watches was recently said to be Bollywood star Isha Koppikar, who the Hindustan Times said has a large collection of timepieces.  


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