Bulova introduces 'the most accurate watch in the world'

First published: 25-08-2010

Watch fans who care about accuracy may be interested in the new Bulova Precisionist timepiece and its unique, built-in technology.

Using a device called a torsional resonator, the creation works by adding a third prong to its quartz crystal, which is unusual as the standard is to use two prongs.

As a result of this addition, the Precisionist produces a vibration frequency that is eight times greater than traditional quartz watches and the highest for any of this type of timepiece, Professional Jeweller has reported.

Another process of this technology that allows it to stand out from what is used in most of the other quartz timepieces is that it is accurate to ten seconds per year. In contrast, these other watches offer a less precise figure of fifteen seconds per month.

Gordon Dickens, the UK's general manager for Bulova, which has being a part of the timekeeping industry since 1875, believes that an important part to judging a timepiece's quality is through its level of accuracy.

He said: "Precisionist technology is accurate to ten seconds a year, making it the world's most accurate watch with a continuous sweeping second hand."

The watch is set to go on sale in the UK in September.


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