Bulova features in hit TV show

First published: 22-04-2014

Watch maker Bulova's marketing strategy has been given a major boost with the brand playing a significant role in the return of Mad Men.

The TV show recently returned for its seventh and final season, with Bulova's Accutron technology acting as a central plot point, Watch Pro reports.

Based in 1960s New York, the show revolves around an advertising firm, which has been tasked with trying to market the product.

It has been known to use a number of well-known brands from the period to bring authenticity to the series, while some even pay for product placement.

Bulova was a big brand back in the 1960s and was even commissioned by NASA to develop satellite technology, while one of its timers was left on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

At the time, the company used the slogan "Until now, we were merely the most accurate watch in the world."


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