Britain's Next Top Model features Baby G watches

First published: 14-09-2010

Fans of the TV programme Britain's Next Top Model may have noticed that a recent episode had a large focus on Baby G watches.

The episode, which aired for the first time on September 13th, saw the contestants of the show flying over to Malaysia to perform a photo shoot while wearing a range of Baby G watches.

As well as the wannabe models showing off the trendy timepieces, the city that was the setting of the shoot allowed for a truly elegant background.

To add more to the Baby G focus, one of its representatives, Sarah Salter, was also present to give advice to the girls taking part, before joining Elle Macpherson, Grace Woodward, Julien MacDonald and Charley Speed on the judges' table as a guest.

Joy outlasted the other competitors to take the prize of becoming the newest ambassador for the watch company, although Ms Salter was keen to applaud every performer involved.

She added: "We felt that Baby G was a perfect match with Britain's Next Top Model and this photo shoot provided the perfect setting for the watches."

Singing sensation Ke$ha, who shot to fame with her catchy hit Tik Tok, was recently named as another ambassador for Baby G.


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