Bremont watch creator discusses rise to fame

First published: 31-03-2010

Giles English, one half of the Bremont watch firm alongside his brother Nick, has discussed his company's rise to power and why British watchmaking is not dying out.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mr English said: "When we first went to Switzerland to start our research, many industry people thought we were serious low-lives. And maybe they still do!"

The pair created the Bremont Watch Company, which specialises in producing luxury timepieces and particularly aviator-style chronographs, launching the business in July 2007.

They were inspired by their father, an RAF aerobatic champion who died prematurely while practising for an air display in the US back in 1995 - a crash Nick was also involved in. It was their dad who was a watch collector, making the concept much easier to give the thumbs up to.

"We had a bit of cash and a few contacts in Switzerland so we thought what the hell, let's go for it," he told the newspaper.

Since then, Charlie Boorman, Bear Grylls and Everest climber Jake Meyer have road-tested the company's watches.

BaselWorld recently previewed some of the best luxury watches in the world, with live brand experiences being central to many high-end timepiece promotions.


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