Breitling ''pushes the boat out'' at BaselWorld

First published: 23-03-2010

Sometimes, organisations will go to new lengths to prove their mettle in front of the globe's biggest scrutinisers. It seems like Breitling watches went far beyond expectations in the eyes of one writer.

That's because David Rowan, the editor of Wired magazine, had the chance to experience the firm's extremely luxurious brand experience when heading out to BaselWorld this year - frequently seen as the playground for firms in the industry.

Loaded onto trams, cattle trucks and other transport, editors experienced a full beer tent in the Oktoberfest style, before being led to a graveyard set where hired dancers performed Michael Jackson's Thriller.

From there, they were pushed into a simulated Cuban nightclub with professional dancers, mojitos, cigar-making tables and casino features - the latter costing at least a "six-figure sum".

Mr Rowan said: "This, remember, was a means of promoting wristwatches. High-end wristwatches, certainly, but in the end simply timepieces. They do things differently in the luxury-goods business."

BaselWorld expects to see 93,900 visitors from 100 countries, 1,952 exhibitors from 45 countries and 2,973 journalists from 70 countries before closing on March 25th.


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