Braun to relaunch 1970s watches

First published: 14-04-2011

Consumers looking to hark back to the watch designs of yesteryear may want to check out some relaunches by Braun.

One of the collections to be released back onto the timepiece market is a line that was created with industrial designer Dieter Rams in the 1970s, Gizmodo reported.

Available in either black or silver designs, these digital watches stand out from the crowd due to having just one recessed button on its case, which lights up the dial.

To compensate for a lack of buttons, a scroll wheel below the dial is used to switch between the different functions of the device.

Watch fans after a touch of history should be able to get their hands on the timepieces by the end of the year.

While consumers wait for the relaunches, Braun offers a wealth of mechanical and digital watches for both men and women, with designs sure to suit every consumer.

These include the men's BN0036BKBKG, which comes with a global radio controlled digital display, as well as the BN0031BKBKMHL for women, styled in either a silver or black finish.


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