Bollywood actress 'has guards for watches'

First published: 23-11-2011

Wearing watches is very popular among people in India and Bollywood actress Isha Koppikar appears to be no exception to this.

The star is apparently a huge fan of timepieces and the Hindustan Times reported that she has many very valuable watches created by some of the world's most famous manufacturers.

While the star is known for her relaxed style of dressing, the same cannot be said for her watches, which she is said to be very selective about, having amassed a collection of around 70 fine designs.

She is also reportedly careful about how her timepieces are being looked after. The newspaper suggested that when the actress is filming and has to leave her watches in her trailer, she has two men guard the van.

The bright colours of G-Shock watches were recently stated to be a favourite for Bollywood star Rannvijay Singh, who said he likes designs that make a bold statement.  


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