Bollywood actress a big fan of watches

First published: 05-03-2012

A Bollywood actress has spoken about how she likes to invest in new timepieces whenever she gets the chance.

Chhavi Mittal has said she likes to seek out new watches as she is very passionate about timepieces, the Times of India reported.

"I keep purchasing watches every now and then. Whenever I get the time I make sure to sneak into a shop and buy some new watch," she explained to the newspaper.

However, she is not the only one who is on the lookout for an interesting new watch, as she added her husband is also a big fan.

Mittal said that they will often choose to buy watches for each other as presents as he is equally as fascinated by them as she is.

For the latest styles in watches, picking out timepieces in bright colours could be the best option, as watch experts Peers Hardy noted they are copying the looks emerging from the catwalk. 


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