Boccia announces the release of new colour watches

First published: 17-04-2012

Boccia has announced it is to release a range of watches that have been crafted in different colours to suit the styles of a wide number of shoppers.

The company has announced the Boccia id. watches will now come in a choice of ten additional colours.

This new colour chart will give shoppers the chance to custom pick the shades they want used in their timepiece, with 150,000 combinations now available as a result.

Commenting on the news of the new designs, company president Raphael Cohen said: "With 19 colours, the possibilities are endless. Design a watch that represents your country, your school, your favourite sports team or your favourite colour!"

As well as being able to select a personalised design, there are also a number of other styles that have been pre-designed by the brand that shoppers can choose from.

Boccia also produces a range of ladies watches, in addition to jewellery made from titanium. 


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