Boccia Titanium unveils summer watch collection

First published: 19-06-2012

Boccia Titanium has revealed its latest line-up of watches with an all-new collection designed exclusively for summer.

The extensive range of monochrome ceramic Boccia Titanium watches come in both male and female styles, with distinctive black and white versions of each model.

Famous for creating watches and jewellery made from 100 per cent titanium, the new collection is built using a titanium-ceramic alloy and all come with crystals made from either sapphire or hard mineral that are scratch-resistant.

Raphael Cohen, a distributor for Boccia who is based in the US, was quick to praise the brand for its new designs.

"Boccia is constantly coming out with new, stylish and affordable styles to compete in today's market. These new ceramic watches are hot," he said.

There has been a move towards creating watches from titanium in recent years, artly because of the properties that make the precious metal so suited to jewellery.

Not only is it incredibly strong, light-weight, non-magnetic and resistant to corrosion; it is also hypoallergenic and friendly to even the most sensitive skins.


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