Blancpain reveals unique travel watch

First published: 23-12-2010

Watch fans who carry out a lot of travelling to foreign countries may be interested in a new Blancpain timepiece.

Called the Villeret Demi-Fuseau Horaire, the product distinguishes itself on the market thanks to the ability for buyers to set the second time zone in half-hour increments, according to Watch Time.

There are a series of countries which use half-hour, or offset, time zones, with India, Canada and Australia a few of these. As a result, those travelling to these countries may be able to benefit with this watch.

Setting the time is simple too, thanks to a crown allowing adjustment of the date, reference time and second time zone. Furthermore, those who correct the reference time will see that everything else alters automatically, making for a simple watch design.

The face also displays a sleek date window at the six o'clock position and a day and night indicator for the reference time located near the nine o'clock location.

Watch Luxus has also been impressed with the Blancpain timepiece, noting: "The subtly engine-turned opaline dial is enhanced by red gold hour-markers, and the watch is fitted with an alvazel-lined leather strap."


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