Blancpain Saint-Valentin 2011 offers 'cutting-edge techniques'

First published: 16-02-2011

Fashion watches from Blancpain and DeLaneau have all been highlighted as ideal choices when choosing a timepiece for a special woman.

Watch Luxus picked out the duo of products, believing that each one has elements that will instantly tug at a female's heartstrings, as well as make their outfits more glamorous.

For instance, the Blancpain Saint-Valentin 2011 offers a packed dial, providing wearers with not only the current time, but also a complete calendar, day and month indicator and a moon-phase indicator.

"The Saint-Valentin 2011 embodies a perfect compromise between resolute femininity and cutting-edge watchmaking techniques," the news source commented.

Meanwhile, the DeLaneau Magic Haute Joaillerie timepiece offers fashionistas a unique product, thanks to its dial being hidden under a dome of rubies and diamonds.

Another appealing watch from DeLaneau that could tempt consumers to splash the cash is the Atame, which offers stylish nudges towards the Art Deco period, World Tempus recently reported.


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