Black Dice watches 'popular with Mobo artists'

First published: 10-11-2009

Although only a new brand having been established in 2006, Black Dice watches are still remarkably popular among singers in the UK's black music scene, according to a style blogger.

Laura, the mononymously-known writer with Shade Station's Style Blog, explained that Guiseppe Zuccarello, the creator of the watches, wanted to produce something trendy and sophisticated without compromising its appeal to urban audiences, taking inspiration from street culture and urban music.

She explained: "The brand was also featured at the incredibly high-profile Mobo awards (Music of Black Origin) whereby the celebrities and audience had the opportunity to check out the range and be seen wearing it."

Popular fans of Black Dice watches include Alesha Dixon and JLS, it was asserted.

As a result, Black Dice watches are becoming "incredibly popular" and are now seen to be the watch of choice for many artists, bands and celebrities in the urban music scene, Laura added.

JLS recently ended Cheryl Cole's two-week domination of the charts, hitting the top spot with their song Everybody in Love, making it three ex-X Factor hopefuls getting number ones in a row.


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