Bianci unveils collection of new watches

First published: 11-10-2010

Women who are searching for a new timepiece may want to check out a collection of new watches from Bianci.

Coded as the H262 models, those interested in these watches will have nine different designs to choose from. These range from a model with a white dial and strap, titled as H262WHT, to one using a white strap and blue dial, the H262MOP_BLU, and even a watch dowsed in pink shades, the H262LPNK.

Watch Report has given even more details about this whole collection, saying features include a water resistance of up to 30 metres two layered rings of cubic zirconia in the bezel.

A ceramic bracelet and case is also used as one of the main elements of the design, which has impressed reviewer Paul Hubbard.

He noted: "Between the sapphire crystal and ceramic case, this should be a watch that stays new looking for many years. I'd recommend it for the woman who likes a nice watch but can be hard on things."


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