Kids sports watches - our best picks

First published: 20-06-2017

Kids sports watches - our best picks


Children's watches are designed to help young ones understand how to keep track of the time. Where adult sports watches include step and calorie tracking, GPS and much more, kids sports watches are fairly simplistic.

Which kids sports watch is best? That depends on your young one: their abilities, level of interest, and sporting passions. You should pick the watch that suits your child's needs the most, no matter what their age, to ensure that they get the best use from it.

What to expect from boy's & girl's sports watches

Alarms are often included on kids' sports watches, along with back lighting for easy reading. Some may come with a countdown function or stopwatch, to help children track their running times or biking laps.

Some sports watches also have water resistance, which any parent knows is a must for outside play. They should also be comfortable to wear - room for growth is important - and durable, to withstand the rough and tumble that often occurs during play and sport.

Best sports watches for young children


The Limit Children's Active Watch is one of the most basic sports watches, but still boasts 100m water resistance, back light and countdown timer.

With durable straps and analogue face, this is a great watch for kids who like to play outdoors and are learning how to read the time, thanks to the bright, easy-to-read face.


There is also a digital alternative in the Limit Active range. Similarly priced, this alternative has the same features, and is best-suited to children with similar activity needs who prefer digital faces over analogue.

Best watch for swimming

Limit 5590.67 watch

For the water babies, the Limit 5590.67 is a functional kids watch from the sports collection. With durable plastic/ resin casing and a water resistance of up to 100m, this Limit watch is ideal for swimming and light water sports. It’s available in a pretty white and purple and a more neutral black and red - colour combinations that girls and boys will love.

The durable strap, available in several colours and featured here in purple, is perfect for kids who like to get muddy: it's easy to clean, and stays looking fresh no matter what's thrown on it. What's more, the size of the screen means it's simple to read, but small enough that it fits snugly on small wrists, making it comfortable to wear.

Best watch for serious sports lovers

Timex Ironman Transit watch

The Timex Ironman Transit watch is a great choice for the serious sports enthusiast. The mature yet sleek design and feature layout is a great introduction to the adult range of watches - ideal for older children or pre-teens.

The face displays are highly visible. Meanwhile, the flexible resin strap will fit comfortably on a range of wrist sizes. Features include a 10 lap memory, 100 metre water resistance, countdown timer (making it ideal as a kids running watch) and a customizable alarm function.

Kids sports watches are a great accessory to add to the active child's collection, helping them to learn to read the time, as well as understand stop watch and tracking features. Take a look at the full children's watch range children's watch range to find the perfect timepiece for your little one.


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