Bertolucci extends its Bella Costa collection

First published: 26-08-2010

Watch fans interested in watchmaker Bertolucci will be pleased to hear that it has unveiled two new models.

The timepieces update the Bella Costa range and have being designed to suit both men and women watch wearers, Watch Time has reported.

One of the watches is called Day-Date and features a face that is set out to view the date inside a black rimmed circle on the left hand side, where the nine hour is usually displayed, while the right hand side, most commonly used for the three hour, has the day of the week placed inside a rectangular shape, again rimmed with black.

The other model chooses only to display the date to watch wearers, this being accessible in double figures at the twelve o'clock position, an appealing area to catch the user's eye.

Each model has a diameter of 41mm, domed sapphire crystals and a maximum water resistance of 50 metres.

It is the latest of the Bella Costa range, where "design and functions are blending into a sporty and fancy watch, easy-to-wear, easy-to-use" and both will come available in an all black finish, a steel and black PVD or a ladies option that features over 60 diamonds.


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