Bench watches 'showcase cool style'

First published: 02-07-2010

Bench watches are the ultimate in cool style and have a particularly sporty edge, it has been claimed.

According to, the company is widely associated with the sports scene and is a firm favourite among many celebrities.

Top bands such as Oasis and Blur have been spotted wearing items from Bench, the article suggested, making it one of the must-have brands of the moment.

"Bench watches are a continuation of the clothing in terms of style and represent that comfortable and effortlessly stylish Bench vibe," the piece explained.

These timepieces proudly display the Bench logo, which many wearers are keen to show to others, the article added.

Last month, said that Bench watches are the perfect addition to any outfit, mainly because they are so fashionable and cool.

Each watch is distinctive and sure to stand out in the crowd, the website suggested.


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