Bench watches ''funky and trendy''

First published: 11-06-2010

Bench watches are very similar to its clothing brand in that they are both funky and trendy, according to one website.

They also offer superb value, noted Watch Mad, and have styles suited to all price brackets and tastes, so consumers will be stuck for choice.

"Their range of branding covering all aspects; from outdoor urban wear right the way through to a relaxed dinner party with your friends, they really do make a watch for all events and circumstances," the company explained.

It added that there has been increasing demand for Bench watches over recent weeks and the trend looks set to continue for some time to come.

One blogger recently revealed that Bench watches are some of the best on the market, especially with so much competition in the industry.

The styles always stand out against the rest, noted, which can also be said about the range of t-shirts and jeans offered by Bench.


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