Bench watches ''comfortable, elegant''

First published: 16-06-2010

There is something both comfortable and elegant about Bench watches, it has emerged.

Bench is one of the cooler brands on the market, noted, and has a great following of people both young and old.

"Available in many different styles and materials, from more traditional looking stainless steel bracelets to wide leather cuffs, these appeal to a huge cross-section of the watch-buying public," it commented.

Bench watches are also symbolic of skate and street fashion, the website claimed, so the designs are made for those who want to be noticed.

Nevertheless, they are subtle and simple, so also perfect for those who like their timepieces to be understated, it added.

Earlier this month, Bench watches were recently hailed for their funky and trendy designs by Watch Mad, which said they are perfect for every occasion and for people of any age.


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