Bench watches: A perfect example of street style

First published: 03-06-2010

There is a great sense of street style and fashion about Bench watches, a blog has identified.

They are generally reflective of clothes offered by the brand, noted, and emanate a positively urban edge.

Bench watches for men have a variety of straps, including leather and stainless steel, therefore giving them an urban appeal.

For women, meanwhile, there are a number of truly feminine designs to choose from, including more casual styles to suit day-to-day life.

"Bench is a proud brand whereby the logo is often simply yet effectively featured in bold lettering on either the dial or strap," the blog stated.

It added that there is a sense of effortless style about everything that Bench does, which can also be witnessed in its wide range of watches.

Earlier this year, Bench was forced to scrap a preview event in Manchester over fears of blizzards.


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