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Bench watches 'showcase cool style'

Posted: 02-07-2010

Anyone in search of a cool, sporty watch needs look no further than Bench.

Bench watches 'make a difference to an outfit'

Posted: 25-06-2010

Any outfit can be complemented by a Bench watch, one website has identified.

Bench watches ''comfortable, elegant''

Posted: 16-06-2010

Bench watches provide both comfort and elegance to the wearer, it has been claimed.

Bench watches ''funky and trendy''

Posted: 11-06-2010

The collection of watches on offer from Bench is both funky and trendy, one site has said.

Bench watches: A perfect example of street style

Posted: 03-06-2010

Bench watches are renowned for the street style they portray, it has been suggested.

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