Bell & Ross details the BR Twelve O'Clock

First published: 06-06-2011

Fashion watch enthusiasts who are looking for a timepiece that offers uniqueness in the market may want to check out a new device from Bell & Ross.

Entitled the BR Twelve O'Clock, the ticker stands out due to the fact that its face displays neither minutes nor seconds.

Instead, the timepiece comes in 12 designs, each of which is made up of a dial that shows 12 separate hours drawn onto a trio of concentric discs.

On occasion, the discs will rotate and make the display illegible, with the exact hour then read when the numeral is in the correct vertical position.

Fashionistas will need to be quick to get the hands on the timepieces though, as only 12 pieces will be produced, each of which come in a collector's box.

Those with an interest in Bell & Ross but are hoping to keep things simple may instead want to check out the Vintage Original.

Coming with a rich circular case, the timepiece packs in a stunning matt-black carbon-finished dial that displays time with two hands, as well as a sub-dial indicating seconds and the date.


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