Becks and Ramsay compare watches at Lakers game

First published: 13-04-2010

Watch fans far and wide would likely have wanted to get involved in a conversation between two of the UK''s biggest stars as they sat courtside earlier this week.

That''s because Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham, who were taking in the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trailblazers, were busy nattering away about their mutual love for watches - even removing their timepieces and swapping to see whose was best.

The pair were welcomed by leading Lakers players including Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant, though it was Beckham who enjoyed the lion''s share of the attention.

Sadly, it wasn''t a good night for the home team Lakers, who ended up falling to the Trailblazers. The current campaign is setting up the playoffs for the two teams, which are looking to get the best position in order to play easier teams in the NBA Championship at the end of April.

Beckham will be sitting out the World Cup, after a major heel injury in Italy while playing for AC Milan effectively ended his chances of playing in a fourth international tournament.


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