Beating the January Blues in 2016

First published: 04-01-2016

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It's January 1st, and everyone's got a hangover - a Christmas hangover, that is! We've all over-indulged in the tinsel, treats, and season-of-goodwill jollity, but now it's January and, as always, everyone's enthusiasm is waning, right?


Now is the time to do a bit of day-seizing, and whilst we don't expect any of this #NewYearNewMe transformation stuff, it never harms to give yourself a distraction to get through the long wintry days.

Stuck for ideas? Don't worry, this is where we step in...

A resolution revolution

It sounds clichéd, but making a New Year's Resolution is not a bad way to start the year - you just have to pick your resolution carefully!

Many people give up after a few weeks, usually because the resolution they have picked is a bit ambitious. With that in mind, be sure to pick something that you can realistically stick to.

If becoming fluent in Spanish by the end of the year sounds nice, but ultimately unrealistic, then pick some CD lessons to listen to during your commute, or vow to master the art of Spanish numbers, colours, and weekdays within two months.

Don't succumb to that most evil of New Year habits: New-Year-Over-Analysis. Of course take a look at your goals and figure out where you want to improve, but don't conduct your own character assassination. This is about making steps to feel better, after all.

Sales shopping

Log fire

We know what it's like to have one eye on your bank balance and the other on that perfect coat you've been desperate to buy all winter. The solution? January sales! This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a bargain or two.

Take advantage of the greatest wonder of the modern age - online shopping - and do all your spending from the comfort of your own home: much better than bracing the cold and enduring the usual post-Christmas stampede!

Also, although the last thing you want to think about right now is the 'C' word ('Christmas' that is), all the cards and wrapping paper will be reduced to next to nothing, so stock up for next year while it's cheap!

January hobby

If you know that your NY craze rarely lasts beyond a month, then make a definite plan instead of a half-hearted promise.! Pick a hobby that you will enjoy for the whole of January, and as soon as February rolls around, you can decide if you want to carry on.

Don't put any pressure on yourself - take all of January to be committed, and then if you can't be bothered in February, you can stop! On the flipside, if you like it and want to carry on, then you've found a new hobby - winner!

Get your blood pumping

Winter run

Warning: We're about to unleash some science on you.

If you find yourself feeling a bit lethargic and unmotivated during January (happens to the best of us), then we have one word for you: serotonin.

This clever little chemical gets pumped around your body when you exercise, and acts as a mood stabiliser. Therefore, upping your exercise regime will boost your energy, mood, and general wellbeing - healthy body, healthy mind, and all that jazz!

If you're planning to increase the amount of exercise you do, then why not invest in some kit to help you along the way? Proper running shoes will give you the support to keep yourself healthy, and a nifty little sports watch will help you track your progress.

Quick tip: Our beginners' guide to working out has plenty of suggestions for how to get your fitness regime started!

Eat smart

Comfort eating might be first thing on your mind when you get in from a long day and it's already pitch black outside. However, a perfect way to boost your mood is to eat plenty of good stuff.

To be specific, Vitamin D and Omega 3 are pretty powerful for lifting your spirits and giving you lots of energy. Citrus fruits will help you out where the Vitamin D is concerned, and oily fish, spinach, and kale are all packed full of Omega 3, so pack more of these into your diet to feel the energy-boosting benefits.

Winter goodies

Ice skating

There are some activities that are best enjoyed in winter, but that doesn't just mean before Christmas! Even when the tinsel and tree have been packed away, you can still indulge in some cold-weather pastimes that are enormous fun.

Ice-skating and sledding are activities we rarely indulge in as adults, but while the weather's just right for it, go outside and unleash your inner child - especially if you've got children of your own to play with you!

Mulled wine or cider might sound like they're just for Christmas, but come January if you fancy a tipple of something warm, then go ahead - you've earned it.

If all else fails...

Book something to look forward to! Money permitting, get something finalised in your diary with your Significant Other, or best friends you haven't seen in years, whether it's a spa/golf weekend, a trip to the theatre, or a holiday somewhere hot and sunny.

We guarantee January will go much quicker when you've got something thrilling to get excited about in the months that follow.

January needn't leave you feeling sad and blue! Get yourself outside to soak up some of the fresh air, and try our top tips to help you stay energised and positive throughout the month.


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