Be adventurous with colourful Ice watches

First published: 26-04-2012

Getting a boost of colour into your outfit does not mean having to completely change the styles you wear, as a watch can help to bring something new to your style.

The colourful creations from Ice watches are one of the most attractive styles on the market and Bang Style has singled them out as being a great way to get in on the trend for rave colours that is being seen for the summer months.

Pointing out some of the best things about the watches, the magazine stated that as they have an affordable price point this makes it possible to invest in a few designs to mix and match with your look.

The timepieces have also been given a celebrity endorsement by The Saturdays, as the girl band were seen wearing the designs in the video for their song Missing You.

As well as coming in a number of bright colours, the unisex watches are also available with crystal-studded options, which could appeal to those who love to make a big statement with their accessories. 


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