Battery and water resistance 'important for watches'

First published: 29-12-2011

When picking out a watch, it is important to consider many of the different aspects and features which are found on the timepiece.

As well as thinking about the design and features such as a date or chronograph function on a watch, it is also good to take into account some of the less obvious features that are found on the item.

Francis J, editor of, explained watches are being made with a variety of different energy sources to keep them going over many years.

Swiss watches are now being produced with a battery inside, which will keep them working well for ten years or more, the expert explained.

Alternatively, there are new electronic watches which are being made in Japan which cannot be unsealed as they have a built in renewable energy source that keeps them ticking over.

A variety of different methods are used to charge these watches, ranging from the movement of the wearer to ambient light.

There are even some which synchronise to the signal from atomic clocks, which are accurate to a second within 138 million years.

The water resistance depth should also be taken into consideration, depending on the type of lifestyle the wearer leads.

"In terms of water resistance, watches rated to less than 50 metres should not be used while showering, bathing or swimming," the editor said.

For those who have a more active lifestyle, having a watch which works at a depth of 100 metres is advised.

Selecting an electronic watch was also recently suggested by the horologist as they will offer the greatest degree of accuracy, being correct to a second over a month, compared with mechanical devices which are only accurate to within a second a day. 


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