Baselworld 2012 showcased stunning new watches

First published: 18-04-2012

The Baselworld event is one of the most highly anticipated on the calendar for horologists around the world, as it brings together the greatest and most innovative brands to display their newest designs and ideas.

This year's event, which took place in the Swiss city between March 8th and 15th, was no exception, with the watches put on display sure to be have an influence on the designs and styles seen on the high street in the coming months.

While the show was filled with amazing examples of stunning new timepieces, some of the creations in particular stood out for James Stacey, managing editor for

The expert at the watch advice blog explained that one of the highlights for him at this year's event was seeing the Seiko Astron.

One of the company's new watches, the hi-tech design could be ideal for those who travel a lot or who simply love to have the latest gadgets.

Pointing out the best features on the watch, Mr Stacey said it is "solar and GPS calibrated, knows the time in every time zone and updates on demand".

Announcing the release of the watch, Seiko stated that the Astron was the "truly first global watch" as it will adjust automatically to wherever the wearer is in the world.

The watch receives information from four different satellites in order to keep track of the wearer's exact location and loses less than one second every 100,000 years, so it will always tell the right time.

By using solar panels, the watch is also one of the most energy efficient that the company has ever produced.

When Astron is released it will join a wide number of other stunning timepieces that are available from Seiko, including those that form part of the Anata collection, which was crafted to showcase the team's dedication to achieving perfection. 


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