Barbie gets a high-tech dress - but older kids may prefer LED watches

First published: 01-03-2013

Barbie has been a staple toy for little girls since 1959, remaining popular despite claims that she's not a very good role model.

To ensure she stays relevant, designers have come up with a variety of incarnations across the decades - we've seen Yoga Barbie, various Disney Princess Barbies and even a Barbie that was pregnant.

It's clear the doll has to start appealing to a more high-tech generation of kids though, which is presumably why Mattel has launched a brand new Barbie with a revolutionary LED touchscreen dress.

The front of her frock has a 4.5-inch screen and 114 tiny diodes that react to fingertip touches or a stylus.

Little ones can draw patterns or words on her dress and then make them flash up to music, as this Barbie is also sound-activated.

The doll was launched at this week's New York Toy Fair and it's though she will hit toy shop shelves in August.

It's certainly sure to have kitsch appeal for collectors and even office workers who can use it as a sort of fun note holder and picture display.

However, if you like the idea of the LEDs but think you're a bit old for dolls, why not try a gadget watch featuring light displays instead?

Quirky company 01 The One produces a range of different light-up styles, including the Unisex Ibiza Ride in a bright pink that Barbie would surely approve of. This features LEDs instead of numbers to tell the time, although it might take some getting used to at first.

It also offers darker colours for men with the same innovative technology - check them out at Watch Shop to see what we mean.

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