Baby G watches 'growing in popularity'

First published: 02-02-2012

Sporting the latest watch is something that is likely to be a big consideration for the most fashion forward of consumers, with selecting the right timepiece from the huge number on the market something of a minefield.

With so many styles available in a range of colours, many people will often look towards their favourite celebrities in order to pick out the perfect product for them.

For many people, this could have resulted in them picking out a Baby G watch, as a lot of the world's biggest popstars have recently been choosing to wear the designs in their music videos.

Lady Gaga was first spotted wearing a Baby G in the promo for her tracks Eh Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) and Lovegame, with the timepiece perhaps providing an accessible way for her fans to copy her often eccentric style.

The watches have also been given a boost by Rihanna, who sported several of the watches at once in her video for Rudeboy, where she wore a number of the designs linked together to create a chunky bracelet on her wrist.

But one star has taken it one step further, with Kesha joining up with the company in order to produce her own line of watches.

The Tik Tok singer announced last year that she would be creating her own timepieces, with the watches to be covered by either the colours of the American flag or with animal print designs.

She explained that she hoped when people wore her designs they would be reminded to be themselves.

If the quality and function of Casio watches appeals to you but the design of the Baby G watches would not fit in with your lifestyle, Sarah Bench, content writer at, recently highlighted that there are a number of other designs available from the company.

She added that there would also be a range of new designs created by the company during this year, which could be of interest to people on the lookout for a new watch. 


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