Baby G-Shock Casio watches ''heavy-duty yet stylish''

First published: 07-05-2010

Baby G-Shock Casio watches offer people a fashionable wrist accessory that is also durable and sure to stand the test of time, one blogger has said.

The models are always evolving, noted, meaning there is always a new colour or design on the market for individuals to get their hands on.

Furthermore, Baby G-Shock Casio are suitable for people of all ages as the brand knows how to broaden its market appeal.

The way in which the watches are constructed was also praised by the blog, mainly because of the durable qualities they possess.

It explained that the watch demonstrates "one-of-a-kind technological know-how" that can "defend the fragile items inside the module".

Last month, it was revealed that G-Shock had introduced a series of oversized watches to the market following the release of the of the G-Shock X-Large Combi (GA100).


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