Automotive brand launches exclusive watch

First published: 11-05-2010

A luxury automotive brand from Japan is making its mark on the watch industry with the launch of a limited edition timepiece.

The Limited Edition BR03-92 Instrument Phantom Infiniti wristwatch will only be offered through Infiniti centres throughout Europe and just 100 are being made.

It has been designed by reputed watchmaker Bell & Ross and has already been hailed for the precision and modern luxury it offers.

Jim Wright, vice-president of Infiniti Europe, commented: "The limited edition BR03-92 Instrument Phantom watch is a perfect tribute to the core qualities of Infiniti."

He added that it will give people something "truly special and individual" to affirm their love for the brand.

Infiniti recently duped journalists on April Fools'' Day by announcing it had developed in-car technology aimed at helping to battle hunger pangs while behind the wheel.

It said the system uses a number of pieces of information to determine whether or not a driver is hungry and then asks them if they would like to divert for a food stop.


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