Artego unveils new divers watch

First published: 13-10-2010

Watchmaker Artego has revealed a timepiece which it hopes will be the start of its venture into the diver scene.

Called the Artego 300m Diver, the number in the name refers to the amount of water resistance that the model can withstand, which could be ideal for watch fans searching for a timepiece which can be practical when taking a venture into an ocean, according to Watch Report.

The unidirectional bezel, which is made of stainless steel, is light and easy to set, with well-functioning luminous hands that emit a very bright glow and last throughout a night, according to reviewer James Stacey.

He also noted: "The overall construction of the Artego 300m would best be described as solid."

This watch could well create some competition in the divers' timepiece market, which has also recently seen the release of the Citizen Aqualand diver depth meter promaster, where digital and analogue elements are incorporated into a very original design.


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