Are they really 'forever'? 5 myths about diamonds

First published: 22-12-2017

18ct White Gold Jewellery White Gold Diamond D Initial Pendant

Pendant: 18ct white gold diamond D initial pendant (RRP £375, sale price £184)

Diamonds have an almost 'magical' quality. Little stones that glitter and shine, with intricate lines that catch the light so perfectly, they're celebrated and cherished by people all around the world.

Formed deep beneath the earth's surface, created by enduring high-pressure and high-temperature conditions for hundreds of years before being extracted and brought into the light, it's no wonder we admire them so much. But what's the truth behind their legendary status?

We've explored some common myths about diamonds and showcased some of our favourite diamond watches and jewellery along the way, to give you a bit more insight into these mystical pieces of the earth.

  1. Diamonds are forever

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Bracelet: Ladies' sterling silver diamond essentials bracelet (RRP £180) by Links Of London

Known for being the hardest stable material on the planet, it's often thought that diamonds never decay and will be around 'until the end of time'. However, diamonds are made of carbon and therefore will inevitably degrade into graphite eventually, despite Shirley Bassey's lyrics suggesting otherwise.

But the process is so slow that it really depends on your definition of 'forever' - there's no way your diamond is going to disappear during your lifetime. And so, while they might not technically be infinite, they're something that can be cherished for your own personal eternity!

  1. Diamonds are a natural wonder

Ebel Ladies' WAVE Diamond Watch

Watch: Ladies' Wave diamond watch (RRP £3,500) by Ebel

While traditionally mined from where they waited hundreds of miles beneath the earth's surface, diamonds are no longer an exclusively natural creation. In fact, more diamonds on today's market are now created using advanced technological methods, compared to those that are formed naturally.

Watchmakers and jewellers use both synthetic and natural diamonds, and as the two are virtually identical, the choice is down to personal preference. Some people lean towards the romance of natural, mined diamonds, while others prefer the futuristic appeal of the synthetic options.

  1. Diamond engagement rings are an age-old tradition

18ct Gold Jewellery 0.50ct tw VS Brilliant-cut Half Eternity Diamond Ring Size P

Ring: 18ct gold 0.50ct tw vs brilliant-cut half eternity diamond ring (RRP £2,735, sale price £1,352)

"She said yes!" he says.

"It was so romantic!" she says.

"Show us the ring!" the rest of us say.

Diamond rings are synonymous with getting engaged, and many believe the precious stones have been associated with love and marriage for centuries. But the truth is, diamond rings only became an engagement staple after a clever 1930s marketing campaign devised by N.W. Ayer & Son.

The jeweller, based on Madison Avenue in New York, launched magazine ads and acquired Hollywood endorsements, which spread the idea that men absolutely must propose with a diamond engagement ring. Because diamonds have such an exceptional quality, it caught on - and the rest is history.

  1. Diamonds are rare

18ct Gold  Jewellery Diamond Bangle

Bracelet: 18ct gold diamond bangle (RRP £2,020, sale price £1,004)

The mind-boggling process behind the way diamonds are created - both naturally and artificially - can make it seem like they are incredibly rare. But, while the number of natural diamonds released into market is regulated, the resources aren't scarce.

Take a peek in any jewellery box and it becomes clear that there is an abundance of diamonds in the world, and they're actually one of the most popular precious stones. However, the fact that every diamond has a different cut, colour, size, and clarity means they remain unique, and so while they might not be rare, they're still highly valuable.

  1. Diamonds are super expensive

 Citizen Ladies' Silhouette Diamond Eco-Drive Watch

Watch: Ladies' Silhouette Diamond Eco-Drive watch (RRP £329, sale price £230) by Citizen

Diamonds have undeniably unique origins and unparalleled beauty, which means they're often thought of being incredibly expensive and, to some, unattainable. However, there are plenty of different sizes, cuts, and styles of diamonds available, meaning it's possible to find a diamond watch or piece of diamond jewellery to suit different budgets.

And so, whether you're looking for an ultra-glamorous rock or a subtle hint of shine, there's a diamond out there for everyone! Browse our collection of diamond watches and diamond jewellery to find the perfect piece for you or your loved one.


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