Are Accurist watches set to become even more accurate

First published: 28-07-2010

Accurist watches may be set in an entirely new way in the future, after scientists developed a new method for synchronising timepieces.

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) makes use of global positioning systems (GPS) and the internet.

Scientists claim that the new method is capable of accuracy to within ten nanoseconds of a reference clock located anywhere else on earth.

The new method, which is outlined in a paper published in the American Institute of Physics journal Review of Scientific Instruments, means that watches will no longer be dependent on GPS time.

According to co-author of the paper Michael Lombardi, this offers "more versatility".

He added: "It would allow a telecommunications network to synchronise all of its clocks to a different reference than GPS, such as the NIST standard."

Meanwhile, scientists believe themselves to be on the brink of refining their understanding of particular processes that will enable them to better understand the universe's "cosmic clock".

Authors of a paper published in the journal Physical Review are confident that their findings will clear up uncertainties which have held them back from giving a more accurate picture of the age of the universe.


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