Ants watch is 'even more confusing than Tokyo Flash offering'

First published: 19-06-2009

The new Ants watch is turning a lot of heads but contrary to what many watch fanatics may think, the offering is not from Tokyo Flash, it has been said.

Conner Flynn of technology website Slippery Brick profiled the new watch from Seahope, which looks to push the boundaries of timepiece design even further than its Japanese counterparts by using multicoloured ants to show the time.

Displayed in a flat rectangular screen, the display is initially confusing to anyone prepared to work it out without instructions, though an unconventional layout can be deciphered by the trained eye.

Mr Flynn said that while he does not even own the watch, it still drives him crazy and also manages to make his skin crawl; maybe Tokyo Flash watches are more to his taste!

Yesterday, Gaj-It reviewed the Tokyo Flash NI watch, stating that its high-tech facade made it a must have for any fashion conscious individuals.


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