Android powered watches unveiled at show

First published: 12-01-2012

A new line of innovative watches have been launched which use the technology seen in smartphones to power them.

There were two new watches utilising the Android operating system technology unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US, coming from very different organisations.

While one timepiece was crafted by Sony, the other using the system developed for mobile phones was created by an Italian start-up company named I'm Watch.

"Everybody wants to have technology that is also fashion. That is the Apple secret; making devices that people fall in love with," explained Massimiliano Bertolini, chief executive and founder of the watch company.

Although the European firm is far smaller than its rival, the company is already ahead, launching its watch at CES, while fans of the Sony design will have to wait until March.

The emergence of watches with similar designs were recently highlighted by Tokyo Flash, which explained it often receives very similar ideas often within days of each other. 


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