Airbag watch aims to save lives

First published: 23-07-2009

Many people are used to wearing lifejackets, though one new invention may also help in the quest to save lives when on the water.

Tseng Tze-kui, a watersports fan from Taiwan, told Reuters of his airbag watch, an idea he conceived around five years ago.

His reasoning for the watch design was as a response to people who found the traditional lifejacket to be a cumbersome item to wear while in powerboats or other water transport which required sharp movements.

Mr Tze-kui continued: "Every year, people drown at the seashore or in creeks. Of course, a lifejacket is the safest protection but there are still many children who are unwilling to wear them.

"We thought about creating a simple, lightweight life-saving gadget and hope to prevent these accidents from happening again in the future."

This week, Spencer Phillips appeared on BBC's Dragon's Den, promoting his clever watch designed with the clock face on the side of the wrist, allowing people to read the time while driving a car or riding a motorbike.


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