Adidas watches prove to be an 'iconic brand'

First published: 12-11-2009

Adidas watches provide style, fashion and function beyond many other brands, according to one supporter of the company.

Shadestation's Style Blog underlined how Adidas watches are "funky, simple and functional", though the Oddity Candy range, which is aimed at both genders, offers "that little bit extra" to the collection.

It continued: "Focusing heavily on style and trends, these range of Adidas watches are extremely cool with vivid colours including hot pink, yellow, blue and green and tick all the right boxes of combining fashion and function."

The affordability of the organisation's timepieces also make them particularly popular, it was added, as many models retail for as little as £45, making the digital watch option a great one for those wanting a quality offering for their wrist.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Andy Murray has become a brand ambassador for Adidas after making the switch from Fred Perry in a deal rumoured to be worth as much as £15 million.


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