Accurist watches 'quintessentially British'

First published: 30-06-2010

There is something very British about Accurist watches, which have become a key part of the country's watch-making history.

Each timepiece uses Swiss components, claimed, although they are designed to satisfy the UK watch market.

"The Beatles, Twiggy and Princess Anne were just a few of these celebrities that were seen to wear Accurist watches," it revealed.

Many people across the world have been inspired to wear these timepieces as a result of their celebrity following, mainly because the designs are so competitively priced.

"They became the first ever sponsors of British Telecom's speaking clock which has received over three billion calls since 1986," it added.

In recent weeks, revealed that Accurist watches are some of the most elegant on the market and are a great investment for anyone who wants a quality product.


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