Accurist watches ''ahead of their time''

First published: 17-06-2010

Accurist watches are designed in a very cutting edge and contemporary way, making them ahead of their time in many ways.

They have made a mark all over the world, noted, with the name of the company summing up the brand perfectly.

Accurist watches are all about simplicity and slick design, while also boasting the best in accurate timekeeping, it suggested.

The article continued: "Technology has never been sacrificed for visibility at Accurist.

"Despite initial scepticism, the firm was the first to actively promote a 21-jewel lever movement."

The firm remains family-based, meaning it still remains true to its roots and continues to offer high-quality watches to the consumer.

Earlier this month, Accurist revealed it was launching its latest design, which doubles up as a charm bracelet and can be personalised in line with an individual sense of style.


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